Nearly a year has passed since Drake was the presenter when Rihanna was honored with the Video Vanguard Award at the MTV VMAs. He famously gushed about being in love with her for several years before leaning in for an even more famous smooch. However serious a romantic couple they were at one point aside, it seems like they're taking fashion tips from each other.

Yesterday, RiRi stepped out with a patterned denim number that looked suspiciously similar to something Drizzy has been photographed wearing last month:

This wardrobe activity only adds to the buzz surrounding Rihanna, who showed off an outfit she wore in Barbados for Crop Over Festival 2017. Her hair a shade of aqua and her bikini-based get-up both shimmering and revealing, all eyes are on the R&B empress. Add to that the excitement over her rumored new boy toy Hassan Jameel, and the spark are more than flying for her these days.

Drake has written lyrics about former girlfriends who shared a lot of his character traits, but this kind of twinning really takes the lead. I'm not sure it tops any of their musical collabs, but points for (un)knowingly giving us an impromptu instance of "Who Wore It Better?"