Drake's fans were clamoring for a full view of his chest after he shared a peek of his owl tattoo. The Canadian star fulfilled these desires through social media by posting a fitness update. Apparently, Drizzy has been hitting the gym and was feeling himself enough for a quintessential mirror selfie displaying his progress.

The man's abs were in full view on his Instagram story. He attributes his trimmed down silhouette to "relentless behaviour." He captioned the picture while giving props to @ipushpounds and Jorge Blanco for adding "boxing to the program."

While some of his fans felt like the "In My Feelings" rapper appeared to be a bit too slim for their liking, most of the fans who commented on reposts of the photo were shook by the flex. Some insisted they spotted his "d*ck print" and got riled up on that detail alone. Others noticed a dimple over his belly button and wondered if the man got "shot in the stomach." Given his soft boy person, the prospect of his being involved in a shooting that was shielded from the public eye is quite unlikely. A hernia from lifting weights is more probable. Peep his buffness below.