D.R.A.M. had a great 2016. "'Broccoli' was certified double platinum and he gained fans from around the globe, some in high places. On a visit to Snoop Dogg's GGN show, the Virginia singer-rapper revealed between two tokes that Beyonce loved his music.

"That shit was crazy as hell bruh, I was like goddamn," he said when Snoop brought up that Mrs. Carter listened to "Cha Cha."

Later in the interview, Snoop recalled that, while high on mushrooms, he started crying backstage at a show because he was performing right after his boyhood idols Run-DMC. This in turn got D.R.A.M. emotional as he remembered tearing up when he first got to perform on the same stage as Snoop.

"You should have been on mushrooms cuz," said Snoop as he lit another spliff.

Big Baby then told this story about performing on shrooms at a show in Montreal. Watch the interview below.