Listen, we all have our ditzy moments where we somehow forget how to spell "orange" or momentarily forget how to tell left from right. However, most people know how to keep those dumb blonde moments off social media — reality TV star Draya Michele unfortunately didn't get that memo.

Draya Roasted Twitter Spell spellcheck Background back round
Image: David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

It all started while Draya was watching Adam Sandler's new Netflix film Uncut Gems. The Basketball Wives LA personality, for reasons we won't even begin to try and understand, decided to ask her over 685,000 followers this question: "I'm trying to watch uncut gems and is it me or is the back round music too loud? I can barely hear what they saying." Adding insult to injury, she decided to double down on the foolery by adding, "Also. Is it 'back round' or 'background' ???" it wasn't long before Twitter started having a field day with the mixup, with many users joining in a public roast session on everything from her spelling to questioning why she didn't just Google it and save herself the embarrassment. Sadly, we can only imagine her face is currently looking just as confused as it did in the photo above taken during NYFW last September.

We'll save the judgement for another day, but take a look below at some of the funniest tweets of Draya getting roasted for trying to use Twitter as spellcheck: