Draymond Green got himself into some trouble over the weekend as he was kicked out of a game against the Charlotte Hornets, with just nine seconds to go. His ejection was the catalyst for the Hornets' comeback, and following the match, Green was promptly criticized for the actions that cost his team a valuable win. 

In the aftermath of the play, Steve Kerr has come out and said that Green crossed the line, and now, Draymond himself is coming out to denounce what he did on the court. As he explained, at the age of 30, he shouldn't be engaging in such temper tantrums and that he feels more shame about this than he does for what happened in the 2016 NBA finals.

"I told my teammates I appreciate the support. But my action doesn't warrant support," Green told reporters.

As it stands, the Golden State Warriors are in a dog fight for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference and this predicament will most likely last all the way until the end of the regular season. With this in mind, every single game counts for the Warriors, and these outbursts could cost the team a crack at the postseason.

Moving forward, Green will certainly be looking to tone things down a little bit.

Draymond Green

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images