Draymond Green has transitioned into an analyst now that his Golden State Warriors won't be returning to the court this season. As a member of the NBA On TNT crew, Green has dished out some pretty bold takes and continues to show why he is such an interesting personality within the league. Perhaps his most brash take came just a few days ago when he told Devin Booker to leave the Phoenix Suns as he is wasting his career with that franchise.

Recently, Booker responded to these comments noting that he is happy where he is and that the team has quite a bit of room to grow. Now, Green is facing punishment for his remarks, as the league has hit him with a $50,000 tampering fine. The NBA has been very strict in regards to tampering and it's clear that they didn't appreciate Green's sentiments and the subtext behind them.

The joke could very well be on Green sooner rather than later, as the Suns are currently 5-0 in the bubble and are the only team still undefeated. They are slowly creeping up on a playoff spot and there is a good chance they come away and steal the eighth seed. If that were to happen, Booker would have instantly proven Green wrong.

It will be interesting to see how this all ends up playing out.