Ayesha Curry has found herself at the forefront of some controversies over the past year. Of course, it all started when she talked about the lack of male attention she gets in light of being married to Steph Curry. Many were outraged that she would be seeking approval from other men despite being married, while others tried to defend here. More recently, Curry was called a hypocrite after posting some bikini photos. In the past, Curry had stated that she didn't like seeing women showing off their skin on social media, so the bikini pics seemed contradictory.

Well, to make matters a bit complicated, Draymond Green was caught liking a tweet that criticized Curry for her hypocrisy. Of course, Draymond and Steph are teammates to liking a tweet like this definitely comes across as a bit awkward. Eventually, Twitter sleuths found out about it and exposed Green for his most recent like.

After this information went semi-viral on social media, Green immediately unliked the tweet and it is nowhere to be found from his page. Clearly, he didn't want this to become a big story or perhaps, the like was a complete accident. At this point, we'll never really know.

As for the Warriors chemistry, well, they won't have to worry about that until next year.