Kevin Durant famously joined the Golden State Warriors during the 2016 offseason which inspired plenty of memes and some sneaky burner accounts. Durant has helped the Warriors win two straight NBA titles since joining the team and it looks as though they're the favorites to win a third. Despite his success with the Warriors, rumors are swirling that Durant will most likely leave the team in the offseason when he becomes a free agent. One of the teams that he is rumored to go to is the New York Knicks who are currently last place this season. 

Durant's teammate Draymond Green spoke to The Athletic about the possibility of losing their star player and how he's not worried about anything else but the current season.

"(Durant) is part of it right now," Green said. "Whatever happens this summer happens. ... If he go, he go. If he stay, he stay. But while he's here, we're going to win another championship. It's just that simple. Nothing else matters."

The Warriors have struggled at times this season, going 4-5 in their last nine games. Despite the light losing skid, Green is confident that no one can beat them in the playoffs.

"People want to make themselves believe that we're beatable, and I don't blame anyone for that," Green told The Athletic last weekend. "You should believe that we're beatable and that you can beat us. But at the end of the day, in a seven-game series, you've got to go out four times and prove that. And until someone proves that, they can think what they want."

The Warriors are first place in the Western Conference with a record of 48-22.