COVID-19 has forced teams into some unique situations this season. Every single day, players are tested for the virus and it has become a real pain for everyone involved. This new reality certainly isn't fun although as more people get the vaccine, it seems like protocols will become a lot more relaxed. Recently, however, the Golden State Warriors experienced a situation with rookie James Wiseman, as he missed a COVID test due to a trip outside of San Francisco.

As a result, head coach Steve Kerr opted to bench Wiseman and after a loss to the Clippers on Thursday, Warriors star Draymond Green was asked about how he felt about the punishment. Green noted that he disagrees with how Kerr handled it although when his coach asked him to weigh in, he decided not to speak up.

"I'm not sure if I was the coach I would've suspended him over a COVID test. Not that I'm questioning what Coach Kerr did. I'm just not sure I would've done that. Because there's so much testing. Tomorrow we test three times," Green said. "You got to know when it's your time to say something and when it's time to shut the hell up...Ok, cool. Respect. I left that one alone."

COVID protocols are hard to keep up with these days so it is easy to see how Wiseman could get caught up in this type of situation. Hopefully, Kerr forgives the young star, who has been one of the more consistent rookies this season.

Draymond Green

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images