Draymond Green found himself in a bit of controversy this past week as he had some interesting comments about Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns. Essentially, Green claimed that Booker should leave Phoenix because the franchise is wasting the best years of his career. Booker eventually replied to these remarks and said that he's happy to be where he is. As for the NBA, they felt as though Green was speaking in bad faith and that he had plans to tamper with Booker's upcoming contract plans. This resulted in a $50,000 fine and a stern warning.

While many in Green's position would simply accept the fine and move on, it's clear that the Warriors star thinks this whole situation is pretty hilarious. In fact, he recently took to Twitter where he posted six laughing emojis. The tweet was made as soon as word of his fine went public, so you know that's exactly what he's laughing about.

Perhaps the most ironic part of this whole saga is the fact that the Suns are actually pretty close to making the playoffs, and if they continue their winning streak, it's safe to assume they will nab the eighth seed in the Western Conference. Meanwhile, Green's Warriors remain in last place.