Draymond Green has always been a massive trash-talker throughout his career and when a player he deems inferior decides to speak up, well, you can be sure he is going to go on some kind of massive rant about it. On Saturday night, that is exactly what happened as Rodney McGruder of the Detroit Pistons became his target.

The Warriors had just defeated the Pistons in a blowout and after the game, McGruder approached the Warriors bench with some words. It seemed like McGruder wanted to fight and Green was having none of that. In the post-game press conference, Green ripped McGruder, as did his teammate Klay Thompson.

"When the f— did Rodney McGruder become the tough guy of the team," Green said before calling McGruder a fake tough guy. Before this, Thompson went in on McGruder saying "This dude might be out the league soon. He’s probably mad about that.”

The Warriors have always feasted on their weaker opponents and this was certainly yet another example of that. When you win three NBA championships in the span of a decade, you can typically afford to talk like this, and the Dubs have taken full advantage.

As for McGruder, we're sure last night wasn't very fun as he became the punchline on social media.

Rodney McGruder

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images