Shaq has consistently been one of the most critical former players in the entire NBA, and whenever he is on Inside The NBA, he seems to be taking aim at someone new. For most of this season, Shaq has been roasting the likes of Rudy Gobert, and now, it seems like he has turned his attention to DeMarcus Cousins of the Houston Rockets.

During a conversation on the Sacramento Kings, Shaq claimed that the team didn't have a solid producer prior to De'Aaron Fox. When Cousins was mentioned, Shaq immediately criticized the star, which didn't sit right with Golden State Warriors champion Draymond Green.

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Per Yahoo Sports:

“De’Aaron Fox is the franchise player,” Shaq said. “We have to build around him.”

“But all them other guys been there before he got there,” Barkley said.

“And listen. They wasn’t producing,” Shaq responded. “DeMarcus Cousins was there and we never made the playoffs, so like you said Kenny, I kind of agree with you, we need some young talent and some older talent that mess together.”

This is the take that ultimately upset Green, who immediately took to Twitter to stand up for his former teammate, and set the record straight.

"Demarcus cousins produced in SAC big fella @SHAQ ... once again they never want to blame the organization," Green wrote. Kings fans immediately went into Green's mentions, where they commended Cousins for all he did for the franchise. In fact, many Kings fans feel as though it was the franchise itself that was in the wrong throughout the Cousins era. 

Regardless, Shaq continues to be hypercritical of today's NBA, and many players are starting to get fed up. Moving forward, it would be hard to believe that this latest call out against Shaq will be the last.

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