Draymond Green has been one of the NBA's greatest agitators over the last few years and now that the Golden State Warriors are the worst team in the league, no one is feeling bad for him. When the Warriors were at the height of their success, they were absolutely decimating teams and now, the Warriors are the ones being run out of the building every single night. 

In a recent report from Logan Murdock of NBC Sports Bay Area, Green spoke about how teams have been playing against the Warriors and as he explained, they are coming across just a little too excited about beating them doubt. In fact, Green says it seems like a revenge tactic for the last five years.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“We put them down, so they’re trying to kick us while we’re down too because we’ve put them down for years,” Green said. “But we didn’t have to take shots while they were down. We just put them down, so it’s a difference.”

Essentially, Green is saying that the Warriors never had to talk very much trash because they were always a dominant team. Meanwhile, now that the shoe is on the other foot, opposing teams are taking too many liberties. What Green forgets to include here is that he has been talking trash for years. 

It's clear that losing this many games has weighed heavily on the team and its veterans.