Draymond Green has always been a player who says exactly how it feels and that hasn't stopped now that he is on TV analyzing basketball instead of playing it. Of course, his Golden State Warriors were an absolute disaster this season and will end up finishing in last place. This is a pretty embarrassing result especially when you consider how the Warriors made it to the NBA Finals the last five years and ended up winning three times.

Now, Green is part of the NBA on TNT crew where from time to time, he can be seen delivering some pretty hot takes. His latest hot take involves Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns, who has led his team to an undefeated record in the bubble. The Suns are slowly creeping their way into a postseason play-in game but for Green, this simply isn't enough. In fact, the Warriors star urged Booker to leave Phoenix, claiming that the city is "not good for his career."

The Warriors have wiped the floor with the Suns over the years so it's not surprising to see Green come through with such a take. However, Green might just have to watch out for a fine from the NBA, as some may take his comments as tampering. There are always rumors surrounding the Warriors and even though their cap doesn't support it, one might interpret Green as someone who wants to get another high-profile player on his team.

Either way, Booker remains a player that we should all be watching out for.