BBL surgery, which is shorthand for a Brazilian butt lift, has been the talk of the town recently. The procedure involves the enhancement of one's buttocks using fat collected from other areas of the body. The term "BBL" began recently trending on social media after viral footage showed women lined up at an airport waiting to be escorted on a wheelchair after undergoing the procedure. 

Many celebrities have been open about getting the enhancement, while others have simply been suspected of getting the additional help to achieve their signature curves. DreamDoll is one person who's been open about going under the knife for a BBL. On Monday (June 28), she took to Instagram to reveal she recently underwent a butt reduction, adding that it was her fourth time getting work done. 

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

"Yall, so I just completed a hip removal and a butt reduction," explained the Bronx rapper in her Instagram story. "This is my fourth time, it is a process y'all have to be patient, okay." 

She shared a subsequent story post showing off her new, slimmer figure. BBLs have notably risen in popularity amongst millennials and Gen-Zers. Dr. Terry Dubrow, known for his work correcting surgery mishaps on Botched, told TMZ that the surgery is "the most fatal operation there is."

“It’s extraordinarily dangerous. It turns out that it’s the most dangerous, not only plastic surgery procedure, it’s the most dangerous operation there is with the highest fatality rate," the famed surgeon said.

He went on to add, "The problem is there’s these very small, little veins in the buttock that leads directly to the vena cave, which is the major blood vessel that brings blood back from your body to your heart, to your lungs. If you get fat in those little vessels and it gets in the main vena cava and goes to your lungs, it’s over." 

Hopefully, the dangers of going under the knife for a BBL procedure are being relayed to the large amounts of young people subjecting themselves to it.