DreamDoll is one of the only remaining Dolls after Asian Da Brat decided to switch up her name. The artist is back in the headlines after she decided to share her plastic surgery experience with the world. DreamDoll has been open in the past about the procedures she's had done in the past, confirming that she's gotten minimal work on her face. She ended up taking a trip to Colombia recently to fix up her look, getting liposuction in a few different areas on her body and this time, she decided to film herself the entire way through.

Thankfully, DreamDoll didn't actually have a camera on her while they were actually suctioning fat out of her chin and waist but the rapper made a vlog video to show the before and after results of the procedures. The clip includes appearances from her boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay, who disgustingly admits that he doesn't wash his hands after going to the bathroom, and her doctor who has trouble following the conversation. Her friends also came through with a nice arrangement of flowers and a teddy bear.

Jay was actually with her a few days prior in Colombia but he needed to leave for some business. He went with her to several of her appointments and was with her on FaceTime for the rest. Watch the vlog below.