ASMR is an unlikely trend that has taken social media by the head tingles. Apparently, those fluttering sensations caused by peculiar sounds are addictive as much as they are soothing. WAV has hopped on this neuro-sensitive movement to create a video series dedicated to this type of quelling content entitled "Dreamscapes ASMR."

Wav Media has launched the series aimed to deliver their own brand of euphoria-inducing videos, with moody production sets and familiar voices. Their episodes are set to feature the likes of Bhad Bhabie, Famous Dex, MadeinTYO, Father, and Too Short. One of the first videos to drop is narrated by Trippie Redd, which is appropriately titled "Sweet Nightmares."

Nothing says total relaxation like hearing the young rapper whisper unsettling phrases like "you could die in your sleep" or "what is the meaning of 666?" He smiles like he knows the answer. The entertainer uses unusual props to create sounds lent to give listeners chills. He activates wind-up toys while keeping his blunt steady. A Jack in the box, playfully-handled slime, and fiber optic lights are also part of the creepy yet dreamy soundscape.

Check out Trippie's ASMR rendition below.

Episodes featuring Father, and Warhol SS will be available today via the WAV app at 1 p.m. Stay tuned every week at the same time, same day to catch the latest videos.