Though the road to J. Cole's The Fall Off has been lined with the occasional uncertain turns -- the journey has indeed begun. Tonight is set to bring two of the first official stops, with Cole delivering "The Climb Back" and "Lion King On Ice"; the former is produced by Cole, the latter by Cole, T-Minus, and Jetson. Following the announcement, which came with the caveat that The Fall Off is still being worked on, Dreamville co-founder Ibrahim H took to Twitter to stoke the flames of hype.

Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

"Can’t front I’m very excited for y’all to hear these new Cole joints," he wrote, following the announcement. "10 pm let’s get itttt!!" When someone implied that he actively denied the album's existence, Ib also had a laugh. "I never lied. I said no album coming soon, never said no album coming. Sorry for the misunderstanding though. Always Love." 

While it's nice to see the Dreamville camaraderie manifest, Ib kept the ball rolling with an update on Omen, one of the label's unsung heroes. "5 years ago today my brother  @omen dropped an incredible project, a classic called Elephant Eyes," he wrote. "Due to us operating indie and not having the means we didn’t clear samples and after an incredible start to the project the sample gods came down on us and took the project down. 5 years later and I realized how important it is for not just him but his fan for that project to always be available."

"We were working on his new album not realizing how important that project is to what his career is, also a big part of Dreamville History," he continues. "I say all that to say happy anniversary to that beautiful project and like I told O it’s on us to get tht Shit back up cause he deserves it and so do y’all."