Dreezy and Jacquees are presently on vacation in Mexico, where they've been enjoying some time off in the sun. On Monday, their trip was soured after the on-again-off-again couple got involved in a physical altercation, as seen in a video circulating across social media.

A video was posted to several blog sites on Tuesday, showing the aftermath of the fight. According to Dreezy's account of what happened, a man punched her in the face before being bodyslammed by her boyfriend Jacquees. It's unclear what happened to cause the fight.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Dreezy unpacked the incident on Instagram Live, saying, "I'ma just clear it up real quick. [...] A grown man put his hands on me yesterday. That man y'all seen on the floor punched me in my face yesterday over some stuff he had going on with Jacquees. They had their little altercation, I walked up to see what was going on, and I got swung on. Jacquees did what he had to do. He bodyslammed that n***a, kicked him in his face-- that's why he was on the floor. I didn't even get to touch the n***a. That's why y'all seen me get mad and throw my shoe because security was pulling me back, y'all know how it is when it's an altercation."

Thankfully, Dreezy and Jacquees do not appear to have been injured in the altercation. Have a look at the fight video below, as well as Dreezy's explanation underneath.