As per The San Diego Union-Tribune, New Orleans Saints' quarterback Drew Brees has been awarded a $6 million over a crooked jewel appraisal. It all began in 2015 when he purchased a 4.09-carat blue diamond ring for just under $9 million only to have it reassessed several million below the initial offering, at $3.75 million. 

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Soon thereafter, Drew Brees would come to learn of his naivety. During a court deposition in September, Brees was noticeably dumbfounded when he found out the ring would likely fetch $10 million in its current state. The ring was part of a $15 million bundle Brees hoped would appreciate over time.

The alleged crook, the one Vahid Moradi, was thereby found guilty of providing Brees with faulty information, in the hopes of lining up a side-deal with a tertiary partner. For that reason, Brees will be awarded the $6 million sum to compensate for his losses. The ageless football star was not present in court to learn his fate. Moradi, on the other hand, did show up, despite his insistence of innocence. At the age of 40 years old, Drew Brees set a new benchmark for passing-yardage in the NFL and shows no signs of slowing up. The attribution of $6 million is in all likelihood, a moral victory more than anything else.