The New Orleans Saints were the victims of a horrible missed pass interference call in the NFC Championship game against the Los Angeles Rams. Of course, the Rams won and the Saints missed their shot at going to the Super Bowl. Brees had made a statement about the game on Instagram, but now the quarterback is in Atlanta and caught up with where he talked about the blown call.

“It’s difficult, just because it’s still so fresh,” Brees explained. “It’s all anybody is talking about for two weeks as it leads up to the Super Bowl.”

Brees also talked about how he's been looking at game tape from the NFC Championship round and how he could have improved to get his team the win. He said he'd rather not dwell on plays that were out of his control.

“I’ve lived my life by worrying about the things that I can control,” Brees said. “I know there were things that happened in that game before and after that call that were within our control that we could’ve done better that would’ve resulted, I think, in a win. It’s unfortunate that the most obvious of those things was the no-call because arguably you do the math and we would’ve been kicking a field goal with 15 seconds and we’d probably be here. But, I focus more on the plays that we could’ve made that would’ve gotten us here anyway.”

The Super Bowl will go down this Sunday in Atlanta with the New England Patriots taking on the Rams.