Canadian dubstep star Datsik (born Troy Beetles) is one of the latest artists to be slammed with sexual assault allegations that have come to light over social media just today. 

A Twitter account has shared screenshots of chilling details about a time Datsik forced a woman to take drugs to the point where she couldn't remember her own name, where she was later found on of a hood of a car alone. The first tweets have since been deleted, but more have resurfaced.

"I stopped being a fan of Datsik when I had to pick my best friend up, drunk... with vomit on herself, without any panties (still don't know if he took them or what), freezing in the middle of winter," a text read. "He had sex with my friend while she was so drunk she couldn't recall her name, on the hood of a car, then told her to hang on while he went back on the bus and then they left her there."

Other screenshots say his manager would give girls name tags that read "Tulsa" which is "A Slut" backward when being viewed in the mirror.

Datsik is currently on his "Ninja Nation Tour" and his touring partner, Space Jesus, has since pulled himself off the docket. Peep his statement below:

Datsik has denied these allegations and tweeted the following: 

"Yo everyone. This is a very serious matter to me... There have been recent allegations against me for things I have not done. I am a vibe reader, I hang out with a ton of people after every show, and always keep a positive vibe. I would never bend anyone against their will and I mean that," he wrote.

"I'm an adult, I've seen and been thru it all. But these claims are shaking me to the core. This type of s--- is detrimental to my persona as I truly take pride in being myself and being honest. I want everyone to know that I am being the best Datsik I can... It really breaks my heart when people feel upset at the end of the day because I am a good person and would never take advantage of anyone," he continued. "This is my life and my passion as I know it. I care so much about my fans and my music and what you all think of me. I will make a bigger effort to make sure that nothing I do will be misinterpreted in the future."