Earlier in the week, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski proclaimed that Zion Williamson could very well suit up on Saturday (tonight) when the Blue Devils meet Miami on home court. Coach K's suggestive plea wasn't based on anything but sheer positivity, because at the time, Duke's medical staff hadn't yet produced a timetable for his recovery from the improbable knee injury he suffered two weeks ago.

As you'll recall, Zion suffered the injury during an ESPN broadcast of Duke's tilt with rival North Carolina. Just as he was laying the groundwork for a power move towards the basket, Zion's PG 2 literally split in two. Since then, NBA pundits have been routinely weighing in on Zion's outlook for the season, with many even suggesting he ought to consider sitting out the remainder of the NCAA Season in order to preserve his draft stock, as unruly a hot take as it might seem.

And yet, here we are, 3 games away from the ACC Tournament, and Zion Williamson still hasn't been cleared to resume team activities, let alone game time action. Given that, the genetic freak of a basketball player, won't be in the lineup when Duke faces off against Miami, for a match televised by CBS.

"We're used to having Zion down there," Duke freshman Cam Reddish admitted after coming up short against Virginia Tech on Tuesday. "He gives us everything we need. We're trying to adjust to not having him, and day by day we're getting there, but hopefully, we'll have him back soon."

After tonight's contest with Miami, Duke will face against Wake Forest on Tuesday. On March 9, Duke will be given the chance to overturn their loss to North Carolina, as the schedule sees fit. Although Zion Williamson remains a mild concern with respect to his longterm, no one seems to know when to expect him back in the lineup and