A couple in Florida have a reason to be angry after they were allegedly served bloody doughnuts from a local Dunkin Donuts. According to WPLG Local 10, Magelo and Rodrigo Esquivel made a pitstop at a Florida Dunkin Donuts where they claim they were served donuts from an employee whose hand was wrapped in a blood-stained napkin. Ultimately, the blood seemingly soaked up in the products in their bag.

"I'm like, ‘What is that?’ I'm like, ‘That is not jelly,’” Magelo said. “I grabbed the bag because it had the rest of the napkins and I see another red stain on the bag and I'm like, ‘Hold on.’ So we pulled off to the side of the road and I'm like, ‘This is blood. This is not jelly.’”

Their first reaction was to see if they were bleeding, which they weren't. They went back through the drive-thru while videotaping their encounter with the person who served them. The employee attempted to deny the claims but Magelo doubled down on claims that her bag and doughnut were "full of blood."

The couple will have to go through two more blood tests in the next year before it's determined whether they were exposed to any diseases. Dunkin’ Donuts initially offered a $25 gift card for their troubles but the couple declined. After the story spread across the interview, the corporate office for the donut spot said that they will offer to pay the medical bills and the blood tests.

"Upon learning of this incident at the Dunkin’ restaurant in Hollywood, FL, we immediately contacted the franchisee who owns and operates this location. He informed us that the crew member had experienced a paper cut,” a Dunkin Donuts rep told Vice. “He reiterated the proper food safety and quality standards protocol with the crew member, including the necessity of wearing gloves, with the crew member. The franchisee also confirmed he reached out to the guest to resolve the matter and apologize for the negative experience.”