"Fake News" is a term that is thrown around a lot these days, but the threat of fabricated information is more serious than simple jokes imply. On Friday (January 11), Daily Star published a story that claimed Dwayne Johnson insulted millennials in an exclusive interview. Several conservative publications, blogs, and activists shared the article throughout the day, using Johnson's apparent co-sign of the "snowflake" term to reaffirm their narratives. After the news got to Johnson, he took to Instagram to respond to all the hype. 

“I can’t believe I have to do this, again, and set the record straight on something, but I’m happy to do it,” Johnson began. “Earlier today online an interview dropped with me, apparently it was with me, where I was insulting and criticizing millennials. The interview never took place. Never happened. Never said any of those words. Completely untrue.” He continues on, with an incredulous look on his face. “One hundred percent fabricated," Johnson says through a laugh. "I’ve gained such a great trust and equity with all of you guys all around the world over these years. And you know it’s not a real DJ interview if I’m ever insulting a group, a generation, or anyone. Because that’s not me, that’s not who I am, and that’s not what we do.”