The year is 2018 and the Dwight Howard vs Shaquille O'Neal "beef" is still alive and well. 

Earlier this week, Shaq reposted a video of Howard's appearance on Wild 'N Out, in which the Wizards' center was brutally roasted by Nick Cannon and others. Dwight quickly jumped in the comments of Shaq's post with the following message: "@Shaq we can have a roast battle if you want. I got 10 in the chamber for you lol." Naturally, The Diesel countered with a jab of his own: "I only battle champions Lil man, you ain't in my division, you in Charles Barkley division. Focus on getting that ring brother."

Since then, Howard has been asked about his ongoing food with Shaq and says he doesn't have any personal issues with the Hall of Famer, but he's "not gonna be quiet" either.

According to NBC Sports Washington, Howard claims that Shaq's comments are born from his insecurities.

"[Shaq] said something online about the whole rings situation. He got rings, I'm not in his league and all that stuff. But if that's your only way to come back at all players, then you really don't have too much to say."

“I think it’s a little insecurity on his part because people call him ‘Superman’ and they call me ‘Superman.’ But if I’m an older guy and it’s younger players that are being compared to me and they have that same nickname, I want to feel good about it.”

“I just think it comes off to me as a little bit insecure when you’re taking shots at somebody that’s 10, 12 years younger than you.”