Dwight Howard was considered down and out by many pundits. This season, Howard has been able to prove everyone wrong and has had a huge career resurgence. The man has hit two three-pointers this season and is looking like an absolute stud on defense. If you're a Lakers fan, you have to be happy to have Howard back on your team, especially now that he's settled into his role pretty well perfectly. 

This past week, Howard had his contract guaranteed by the Lakers and last night, he hit a three-pointer which is a rarity. Afterward, Howard spoke about how much this season has meant to him and what he's trying to accomplish with the team, moving forward.

“Well, the mission is not complete,” Howard said according to Ryan Ward of ClutchPoints. “I’m not going to change up who I am. I’m going to continue to work hard every single day, continue to be the best teammate, and Dwight Howard I can be for everyone – in the locker room, the fans, media, whoever it may be. Just enjoy and embrace the moment. My teammates have been amazing, and I am just happy and grateful and thankful that I have this opportunity again here in L.A. So every time I step on the court, I just try and give 135 percent and just be the best I can.”

If you're a Lakers fan, you have to be excited about what you're seeing this season. The team has a phenomenal chance at making a deep run in the playoffs and Howard will surely be a big part of that, even if he's only in more of a supplementary role.