Dwight Howard has had one hell of a career. After starting his NBA journey with the Orlando Magic, Howard eventually went to the Los Angeles Lakers where things didn't work out so well. Eventually, Howard went to the Houston Rockets and then bounced around the league for a bit before returning to Los Angeles last season. Howard had a career resurgence which saw him playing some incredible defense all while helping the Lakers win yet another title.

In the offseason, Howard went and linked up with the Philadelphia 76ers where he was a backup to Joel Embiid. While Howard was solid in his role with the 76ers, it became clear that his talents were better served alongside players like LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Dwight Howard

Rob Carr/Getty Images

With free agency just a couple of days away, it now appears as though Howard might be looking for a change. According to Brad Turner, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, there have been rumors and rumblings that Howard wants to come back and play for the Los Angeles Lakers, which means he would be playing a third stint with the franchise. This seems like a bit of a weird decision to make, especially since he has left L.A twice.

Either way, this could work out for the Lakers as they are trying to find various veteran minimum-type guys that they can fill out the rest of their roster with. For now, however, this Howard news is simply a rumor, so don't be surprised if the veteran center decides to remain in Philly moving forward.