Former teammates Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler were spotted performing K-Ci & JoJo's "All My Life" at a Karaoke Bar last night. Before you advise both men to "not quit their day job" give the recorded footage the slightest margin to win you over. I've also heard they love Karaoke in China (something to consider Mr. Wade).

The Chicago Bulls teams manned by the Wade/Butler were at times hard to watch, but they none-the-less accomplished a .500 season with spare parts. The conflict that ensued between the core of Wade/Butler and the directionless youth on the team held up by veteran Rajon Rondo painted their reputations in the years following the debacle. Had they organized more Karaoke outings as a group, I reckon team morale would have improved, and they would have more than half their games.

I dreamt of a team initiative in which the Chicago Bulls choose to assign K-Ci & JoJo songs of symbolic meaning to one another. That way every unique relationship within the locker room could be adequately represented by songs such as "Crazy," "Last Night's Letter," and "If You Think You're Lonely Now," the latter reserved for the team's annual West Coast road trip. 

What do you get up to in the offseason, mate?