Ever since retiring from basketball just a couple of years ago, Dwyane Wade has made it his mission to observe the younger players and dish out some praise whenever he sees fit. Wade isn't one of those old heads who rips on the youth. Instead, he tries to big guys up in order to get even more out of them. It's a refreshing approach and it's one that we will continue to see as superstars like LeBron James inch towards retirement.

Last night, Wade dished out some praise to Chicago Bulls star Zach Lavine, who has been having a great start to the season, averaging 27 points per game, which is a career-high, this far. In Fact, Wade noted that Lavine should actually go to the All-Star game, which is something he has never been to before, outside of the skills competitions.

Fans are certainly flocking to this idea, as they should. Lavine is a tremendous player and if it weren't for the fact that the Bulls have been struggling, he would be a much more talked about player.

With the All-Star game coming up soon, it will be interesting to see which players get picked, and which ones are left on the outside looking in. For now, Lavine has a great case for getting into it, and hopefully, it happens for him.

Zach Lavine

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images