Sierra Canyon High School has had an enlarged profile over the last year thanks to the presence of Zaire Wade and Bronny James Jr. Bronny is a freshman while Zaire is a senior who is already thinking about college. The team has been dominant this season and are off to the State Championship game which is supposed to go down on Sunday.

While Zaire is a high profile name, he hasn't gotten very much playing time this season. While being an NBA panelist on TNT, D-Wade was asked whether or not he would be attending Sunday's match. Wade offered a surprising answer that insinuated something could be going wrong at Sierra Canyon right now.

"I will not be there. My son ain't playing and I don't want to do nothing to the coach. I will be rooting for the kids," Wade said. Clearly, he is unhappy about the way the coach has been treating Zaire. Meanwhile, LeBron James has had nothing to say about Bronny's playing time. As it stands, Wade won't be recommending any kids to Sierra Canyon, anytime soon. 

Sierra Canyon's newfound publicity has put them in an odd position and we're sure Wade's latest statement has them reeling, at least just a little bit.