When you're in California, sometimes you just never know who you might stumble upon. This was especially true this past week as a man by the name of Ryan Basch looked to propose to his longtime girlfriend at the Rosewood Miramar Beach. He and his now-fiancee were getting their photos taken when all of a sudden, they were photobombed by an NBA legend. That legend just so happened to be none other than Dwyane Wade.

In Basch's Instagram post below, you can see that Wade was quite shocked by what he stumbled upon, as he looked over at the proposal in awe. In fact, Wade even made it a point to walk up to the couple knowing that the photographer had caught him in the act. The former Heat star then took a photo with the couple before heading out and leaving them to finish the shoot. 

Once Basch posted the photo on Instagram, Wade posted the image on his own story, saying "It was dope to witness you guys love!" In the DMs, Wade then reached out to Basch and told him "I need y'all marriage to work. It's now on my conscious haha."

Needless to say, this couple has been blessed with the approval of D-Wade. Perhaps now they can invite him to the wedding.