Over the past week, one of the biggest stories in the NBA has been the rap beef between the legendary Shaq and Portland Trailblazers superstar Damian Lillard. It all started when Lillard went on The Joe Budden Podcast and had some interesting remarks about Shaq's rap career. Dame said he could rap miles around Shaq and that the former Laker's rap career was seen as more of a gimmick than something serious. This led to a scathing diss track from Shaq which was followed up with a response from Dame.

In Lillard's track, he claims Shaq never would have won a championship in Miami without Dwyane Wade, who now has three titles to his name. TMZ recently caught up with Wade and asked him about some of Lillard's claims. As it turns out, D-Wade isn't rolling with some of Dame's bars.