During an appearance on Kwame Brown's podcast, Faizon Love claimed that years ago, he made out with actress Gabrielle Union inside of a nightclub. "Gabrielle Union and I had a nice kiss in the club," said the comedian. "It was me, Gabby, and Vince Carter. Ask Vince Carter about that night. Everybody knows about the infamous Faizon-Gabby tongue down."

His admission started to go viral on social media before Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union's husband, responded with a funny video imagining what things could have been like in an alternate reality where Faizon ends up marrying Gabby.

Jeff Snyder/Getty Images

"What almost was [laughing emojis]," wrote DWade on Instagram, pasting Faizon's face over his own wedding pictures. "@faizonlove thank you for this forever material I now have on my wife! #Wetsloppykisses #pettylevels."

Gabby seemingly isn't pleased about this information getting out there, commenting on her husband's post, "[skull emojis] [laughing emojis] now you know damn well... [puking emoji]."

What do you think about Faizon Love and Gabrielle Union's tongue down? And what about Dwyane Wade's reaction to it all?

DWade doesn't have much to worry about these days, living out his dreams and recently buying an ownership stake in the Utah Jazz. The retired NBA star has been making big moves in his post-playing career and he's not worried about Faizon Love stealing his wife.