Stephen A. Smith is one of the most beloved personalities on sports talk television and as many of his fans already know, he was quite the basketball player in both high school and college. Smith was a star at Winston-Salem State, where he was a point guard from 1987-1991. It was during these years that Smith also learned how to become a broadcaster, and eventually a reporter who covered the Philadelphia 76ers.

Recently, Smith's photo from his years at Winston-Salem went viral, which led to a ton of jokes on social media. In fact, Dwyane Wade was one of the people chiming in, as he said "Giving this dude 50 and icing by the 4th quarter."

While many found Wade's Tweet humorous, Smith immediately made not of it and replied in jest, in true Stephen A. fashion.

"All Hell-To-The-No! You did not come at me like that. Well, I’ve got a response Damnit! I’ve got a Response.........You’re absolutely correct! I have no comeback. Damn!" Smith said.

Whenever Smith is at a basketball court, he always tries to chuck up a few threes, and more often than not, he makes them. While he may not be as talented as an NBA star, he is certainly one of the few reporters who understands the game from a player's perspective.

Stephen A. Smith

Mitchell Leff/BIG3/Getty Images