When Dwyane Wade's daughter Zaya came out and spoke up about her gender identity, there were numerous people out there who had something negative to say about it. Among those people was Boosie, who has been known for his controversial comments in the past. While Wade never replied to what Boosie had to say, there were plenty of people out there who wanted to challenge the rapper's beliefs. One of those people was none other than Mike Tyson, who recently had Boosie on his podcast.

In the infamous podcast episode, Tyson questioned Boosie's sexuality and pressed him on why he continues to make homophobic and transphobic comments. Wade ended up seeing the podcast and during an interview with "Central Ave," he spoke on just how much Tyson's words meant to him and his family. The basketball legend also noted he has no ill will towards Boosie and that he continues to pray for everyone.