E-40 is picking up speed this year. He released a collaborative project with B-Legit in April and found time to sue people over the "Captain Save A Hoe" trademark. Now, the Bay Area rapper is considering diversifying his bonds once again. The artist asked his following on Twitter if he should bring back a business venture he had first introduced to the public in 2006: "40 Water."

The 50-year-old took a makeshift poll about the product by tweeting a picture of some throwback commercial material with a question: "Who remembers my 40 water non-alcohol beverage back in 2006 should I bring it back & make it more health beneficial?"

His question was in fact composed of two of them, which fans were eager to answer. The feedback included the suggestion of turning the drink into a brand of Kombucha and that of making it of the sparkling variety and calling the drink "Sprinkle Me."

Some made comments about the comments about the hypothetical contents.

"40 Water" was also a Lil Jon-produced track from 2008 as well as a nickname for the artist.

Seems like E-40 is still down for extra hustle amidst his upcoming album's rollout. E-40's most recent solo project, The D-Boy Diary: Book 2, dropped in 2016.