Ghost-riding the whip is one thing. Facing a steadily-increasing Scoville is another beast altogether. Conquering the art of vernacular is one thing. Feeling your tongue shriveling and drying like ants beneath magnifying glass is another. Braving said wings in the presence of Sean Evans is one thing. Doing it in front of a live studio audience is another. Yet E-40 is a man of courage, and thus, took the Hot Ones challenge in the name of the Bay.

"What's something that might surprise people about your friend Marshawn Lynch?" asks Sean Evans. "He like Hennessey," laughs 40. "He a cognac head!" As the Scovilles increase, 40 waxes poetic about his favorite phrases, laughing when Sean asks whether Captain-Save-A-Ho outranks Lieutenant Roast-A-Botch. "The one it should be is Lieutenant Roast-A-Botch," explains 40. "Far as the rules and regulations of the game. But due to the fact that the rules and regulations of the game have changed, Captain Save-A-Ho is very notorious in this world. There's more Captain Save-A-Ho's than Lieutenant Roast-A-Botch."

As the heat increases, so too does the banter. Be sure to catch the ever-smooth Sean Evans exchanging words with the legendary 40 Water, here and now.