For many of hip-hop's legendary figures, building an investment portfolio has become an integral piece of the puzzle. Long have we seen some of the game's veterans shift into the business world, with Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and many more expanding their net worth considerably through savvy money moves.

Yet one who doesn't always get due credit in that regard is E-40, who recently opened up to Earn Your Leisure about his early investment in Clubhouse. "I'm in so many startups," he begins. "It's like a dice game. You rolling the dice, and that one company you think ain't gon be the one, that you ain't even stuntin', can end up being the one that go for three, four, five, ten billion. You put your apples in that thing, and next thing you know you get that call, and it's time to drink up that whole bar behind me."


Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

"Clubhouse is a good one," continues Forty Water. "It's a new platform, an ideal platform for people to just get some game...You had Elon Musk on there, you got real top hats and tycoons on that muthafucker, but then you have some people who just get on there and talk that shit like they know everything! But that's all of them, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. But Clubhouse is the new, it's the platform man! There's probably other companies trying to duplicate it, but has anyone duplicated Instagram yet?"

"Let me tell you something," he continues, after being asked how Clubhouse landed on his radar those early days. "Somebody called me one day like 'Forty, how do you have that contact for the Warriors? How do you get complimentary seats' I'm like 'I don't know!' I'm not getting complimentary seats, I pay for mine. But when I'm spending money on these seats, I'm promoting myself, you can't get no better marketing. I'm courtside, me and my wife, having the time of my life...We running into everybody, billionaires, all kinds! Especially when you're a good person like me. I hug everybody, kiss babies, shake hands." 

Check out some valuable game for E-40 below, and keep an eye out for his contributions on the upcoming Mt. Westmore project when that arrives this summer.