E-40 Releases New Video For "Straight Out The Dirt" Feat. NBA Youngboy & Yo Gotti

Kevin Goddard
February 13, 2018 01:47

Check out E-40's new video for "Straight Out The Dirt" featuring Yo Gotti & NBA Youngboy.

Over 25 years in the game, Bay Area legend E-40 has been able to adapt to the times & continue to stay relevant all these years later. In fact, 40 said what motivates him is working with talented people, no matter what their age is. "What motivates me is true talent, it's golden when talent acknowledge talent. I'm not a grumpy ass veteran, I'm a old ass youngsta with vintage gas and new school gas," he said. "Rap evolves and to still be current you have to evolve with it! Get in front or get left behind. I love working with different artist with different styles and different producers with different sounds, creativity is everything.”

Well back in August, E-40 backed those words with action when he teamed up with NBA Youngboy for a new song called “Straight Out The Dirt” featuring Yo Gotti. Today, nearly 6 months after its release, the trio are back with its official video.

Directed by Jae Smyth, the video brings the title to life & finds 40 & company mobbin’ for the cameras in front of an all-white backdrop while a mound of dirt accompanies them on set. Its pretty self explanatory to say the least, but definitely worth checking out.

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