If you are a football fan, then you know that some teams have pretty wild supporters, while others are much more respectful. Notoriously, the most insane fans are those of the Philadelphia Eagles. One doesn't need to know who EDP445 is to understand this concept. During their Super Bowl win in 2018, Eagles fans went absolutely nuts and pretty well destroyed their own city during the middle of the night. Over the past couple of years, the Eagles have had very little to cheer about, especially this season as they have been simply abysmal.

In fact, Eagles fans were so upset yesterday, that they resorted to fighting in the middle of the stands at Lincoln Financial Field. In the clip below, you can see one fan make his way down a whole bunch of rows, just to start fighting with another Eagles fan. As soon as the punches start flying, fans intervene to try and break it up, but no almost no avail.

It seems as though no one was seriously injured in the fight, which is certainly good news. Regardless, this isn't the behavior you want to see, especially when the fans are supposed to be practicing social distancing.

As for the Eagles, well, they are currently 1-4-1 and will face the New York Giants next week in a divisional matchup.