Josh McCown is now the oldest practice squad player in NFL history. The 41-year-old was just signed to the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad, according to ESPN. The plan is to keep McCown on the roster in case any of their QBs test positive for Covid-19. That is the biggest worry for the NFL season, as teams may lose top layers for weeks if they contract the virus. 

Many experts believe that the pandemic may shut down the NFL season for good at some point, although others think they should be able to regulate the players fairly well. Unlike the NBA, which was able to place players in a bubble, the NFL and MLB opted to keep everything moving as regular (minus fan attendance). 

McCown is set to remain in Texas throughout the season, but will participate in virutal meetings and working out at home. Last year, McCown played three games for the Eagles and previous to that he started in two games for the New York Jets. He played a monumental role in helping Sam Darnold adjust to the NFL, and adds veteran expierence to any team. ESPN reports that McCown will be making $12,000 a week on the practice squad.