Today is a big day for Earl Sweatshirt and his presumed mission statement for immediate future. Minutes after announcing the "Fire It Up!" tour in a roughshod 18-second clip - after which he spared us a brand new visual project, and make no mistake about it: "Nowhere, Nobody" is just as esoteric in transmission as his "Fire It Up" tour announcement.

In the "Nowhere, Nobody" music video, Earl starts things off with a classic a staring contest with a Hellenistic statue, only to come out on top by some leap of faith, all kinds of metaphysical. "Nowhere, Nobody" is essentially a short-film opus put together by Naima Ramos-Chapman and Terence Nance, the same two individuals who directed the vignettes assigned to the Some Rap Songs' for added visual effect. 

The eight and a half minute long clip has been described as a " loose exploration of the black experience" spoken through a series of intimate portraits of homelife enacted by actors, and wood figurines, as well as Earl Sweatshirt himself, in a more-titular role than expected. As for the previously mentioned "Fire It Up" tour, Earl has enlisted the help of Bbymutha, MIKE, Na-Kel Smith, Liv.e, and Black Noi$e as opening acts. The tour begins in March, don't miss out.