Earl Sweatshirt has no fear when it comes to setting his fans straight. A while back he wasn't for a fan sneaking up on him to take a photo which resulted in him smacking the fan's phone out of his hand. More recently, during a performance in Arizona, Earl and his fans rallied to throw a concertgoer out of the venue since the man threw a beer onstage. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the video below, you can see Earl and his beloved fans booing at the unknown man for his stupid act. "Why you throw a fully loaded Budweiser, my n****? the "Chum" rapper asked, adding: "You're on some real smug white man shit right now."

You can even see the security guard making his way through the crowd to locate he culprit. "That shit is super duper out," Earl added on the microphone. "That shit is super duper out and lame. I bet you feeling hella weird right now. You wasn't expecting no public humiliation . . . Get him out!"

In other Earl happenings, he was also spotted outside his tour bus a few weeks back, telling a religious protestor to pack up and move on after the man was preaching about one's sins.