Earl Sweatshirt is definitely a pretty outspoken guy but his recent tweets seemed to come out of left field. Following the rapper's comments on J. Cole's new single "Snow On Tha Bluff," in which he referred to the song as "corny," Earl allegedly came through with some rude tweets about Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

"Fuck that bitch n***a j cole fr... and fuck kendrick too. n***a still ain't even put 1 tweet out," posted Earl's account on Twitter.

As you would expect, people were shocked to see his harsh critique of both rappers. It turns out he may have been hacked, standing behind his "corny" tweet but defending himself against the alleged Cole and Kendrick slander.

"HELL NAW LOL THEY FUCKIN HACKED ME BRAH," said Earl, deleting the tweet. "Hahahahahaaa fuck u whoever hacked my shit."

He went on to offer his explanation of what happened.

"Smh let me give yall my defense," started Earl. "Im scrollin thru my mentions and see the notification of a login on a new account, i changed my password to be safe, checked my mentions again and seen that tweet. responded to it and deleted it. again fuck whoever hacked my shit u annoying."

Thankfully, he came through with a prompt explanation because this could have been pretty damaging. Are you buying it?