The road to Mirrorland goes ever on and on, but damned if we won't willingly continue our path. Though Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 brought a taste of EarthGang's upcoming full-length album, the wait has been somewhat difficult to abide. Yet signs seem to point to a newfound dose of momentum, and today, the Gang returns to bless a brand new episode of Kenny Beats "The Cave." Clearly, the game has been abuzz about Venus and the newly dubbed WOWGR8, as Kenny recounts T-Pain singing their praises for five straight minutes. Kenny also alludes to the Dreamers 3 sessions in Atlanta, teasing even more fire yet to come. 

Image via HNHH

"I'm in a real Neptune wave," says GR8, revealing himself to be a man of cultural distinction. Yet all is not well in The Cave, as Kenny has begun to feel the negative impact of his recent "Police" affiliation. "I am so sick of being called a cop on the internet," explains Kenny, eliciting a pitiless laugh from EarthGang. "No matter what, I can do the nicest thing ever, I'll put the most motivational tweet up, and kids are like 'thanks Sargeant," he rants. "I had a song come out the other day, and everyone was tweeting, 'man you're the hardest law enforcement officer making beats right now. It's funny to an extent but it's become the joke of the show," he continues. "It's ruining my life." 

"He so deep undercover, he forgot who he was!" laughs GR8, prompting Kenny to return to his beat-making in a rattled state. Luckily, it has no impact on his content, as the producer remains in fine form yet again. Acquiescing to the "Neptunes" request, Kenny serves them up a heater, and both Venus and GR8 knock it out the park. Some things are better left seen to be believed. Check it out below, and keep a watchful eye for news on Mirrorland. The game needs it, Cole!