EarthGang are pretty self-assured when it comes to their upcoming musical output. Wouldn't you be, if you'd snagged a Young Thug specifically for your next album? Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot of EarthGang did just that, and they could hardly contain their excitement ahead of its release. The decision was thus taken to excitedly share Young Thug's verse with their Instagram fanbase. Thankfully the whole ordeal was documented, reposted, and later transcribed. This is the same "Prada U" recording they promised in November, in case you were wondering.

"We having designer sex, crawling on top of me
While I keep my timing yeah everything beating
Help you get your body breeze, conspiracy, yeah
Drip from my head to my sock and I'm whipping a new machine
I got the percocets, I got the guap
And I got me a cool nervous thing
She went to whipping it
Had to tell her "Lil baby I'm proud of you"
Flex your bank account without a salary
In this bank and this lettuce and radish due
Ima keep it clean in case I see you
She said "Babe, tell me how you missing but you never ride by
I got all little girlfriends" that is really cool
And I can tell you all the time."

-Young Thug on "Prada U"

"Prada U" is part of the duo's vision for Mirrorland, a project they hope to finalize ASAP between now and the final months of 2019. As state in our exclusive interview with the group, Mirrorland has a fully-interactive concept. Fans are being encouraged to lend a hand in the album's cover art design.  Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot also boast a slick collaboration with Arin Ray, which they've placed in sequence next to "Prada U" at the heart of the album. Keep it peeled for plenty of EarthGang in the coming months.