It's been a busy 365 days for EarthGang, who are fast approaching the one-year anniversary of their debut Dreamville album MirrorLand. A heightened dose of magical realism and Atlanta soul, the project solidified the duo as one of the game's most dynamic and imaginative groups. And what's even crazier is the depth of their discography -- for those who don't know, much magic was conjured in the Spillage Village house in Atlanta, as Olu, Wowgr8, J.I.D, 6LACK, and more explored their creative urges as a collective.

EarthGang Spillage Village

In early June, Spillage Village came through with their new single "End Of Daze," a groovy ode to the impending apocalypse heralding the release of their own Spillgion album. Though it's been relatively quiet on that front since, EarthGang recently stepped up to remind the masses that it was "album time" following a notable co-sign from Charlamagne Tha God.

Deeming "End Of Daze" to be "fucking amazing," Charlamagne tagged EarthGang, J.I.D, and Mereba for good measure. The praise did not go unnoticed, and EarthGang reciprocated by offering Charlamagne a sneak preview of the upcoming body of work. While it would be nice to receive a proper release date, it appears that the wheels are indeed in motion for Spilligion to manifest. Hopefully, we get another sign of life sooner, rather than later. Should the "End Of Daze" truly arrive as predicted, it would be most welcome to have a soundtrack to score the sinking ship.