We're about to hear a brand new single from Megan Thee Stallion at the stroke of midnight. The Texas rapper has shared a brief snippet of her upcoming track just hours ahead of its release, and it seems that she's sampling Eazy E's classic 1987 hit "Boyz-n-the-Hood." Megan Thee Stallion posted a video of herself to Instagram twerking to her single, and it inspired Eaz-E's daughter, ReeMarkable, to come forward with a few complaints.

ReeMarkable stated in a video that she has trouble getting clearance on her father's records, but somehow other artists are able to do so without an issue. In the caption to her clip, she wrote, "So tired of the bullsh*t games we gotta keep playing , I'm done being quite ! We want involvement when it come to our daddy , tired of my sister crying about the unfairness," ReeMarkable said. "I'm fed the f*ck up ... WE EAT OFF NOTHING MY DADDY LEFT BEHIND." She also said that Eazy-E's children want to "be apart of the legacy."

Later, Eazy-E's other daughter Ebie Wright released a video praising Megan Thee Stallion and artists who pay homage to her father by using samples of his music. She said that she doesn't feel that her father has "gotten the proper respect" that he deserves, and she dismisses ReeMarkable by saying that she just "popped up" and Eazy-E didn't even know her. Check out the videos from both women below.