Pooh Shiesty previously waged war with his fellow Memphis native, rapper EBG EJizzle, taunting the rapper following his shooting and telling his followers that he became paralyzed from the attack. Quickly thereafter, EBG EJizzle took to social media to prove that he's not actually paralyzed, moving his limbs fine

With the tragic death of Pooh Shiesty's brother Tee Da P from brain cancer, the "Back In Blood" artist has been mourning with multiple posts on social media. Using the situation to rub salt in Pooh's wounds, EBG EJizzle has officially released his new record, "Paralyzed", which takes aim at Pooh and his brother, calling Tee Da P a snitch. 

Two weeks removed from his hospitalization, EBG EJizzle isn't slowing down at all, keeping Pooh Shiesty in his head for his new diss track. The rapper states in the song that his shooter could have shot him in the head, but opted to aim at his arm. He also taunts Pooh and says, "that snitching sh*t run in your blood, your brother testified". 

There isn't much information available about Tee Da P allegedly testifying

Pooh Shiesty has not responded publicly to EBG EJizzle.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

What do you think about this beef? Should Pooh Shiesty ignore it?